High Pressure Water Mist

High Pressure Water Mist System

What Is A High-Pressure Water Mist System?

A high pressure water mist system is a fire protection system that uses extremely fine water sprays. These tiny droplets leave no residue and significantly reduce water damage while effectively extinguishing and suppressing fires. This is done by forcing the water out of the
high-pressure watermist (incorrect spelling for keyword research?) nozzles to create an extremely fine mist that cools both the flame and surrounding gases through evaporation.

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Benefits And Features

  • Faster Fire Suppression
  • Water mist systems are non-toxic and provide a much higher cooling capability.
  • Fire-fighting is done in double quick time as the method not only cools the fire it also removes the oxygen.
  • Due to the cooling effect of water mist, re-ignition of the fire is much less likely.
  • Damage Is Reduced
  • Water damage is minimal due to the low-volume water release of the high-pressure system.
  • The system can be activated instantly to reduce damage and acts fast for increased safety.
  • Water mist systems provide the best possible protection of both property and lives.
  • Reduced Downtime
  • The reduction in damage compared to other fire protection systems often means less operational downtime, resulting in much lower costs.
  • There is no requirement to fill up cylinders for this type of fire protection, thus saving expensive refilling time and overall costs.

What Is The Difference Between Sprinkler And Hyper Mist Systems?

Both systems use water in different ways. However, the key difference is the size of the water droplets – water mist droplets are approximately one-fifth of the size of a standard fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler systems put out or slow down fires by drenching the flames and the surrounding area with water by removing heat and potential fuel sources.

Water mist systems work by displacing the oxygen with steam and cooling down the room temperature. The key differences are as follows:

  • Water mist systems cause much less damage than fire sprinkler systems.
  • Sprinklers systems only have one spray nozzle, while water mist systems may have single or multiple orifices.
  • Sprinkler systems suppress fires primarily by soaking the flames. Water mist systems use fast water droplet vaporization. This leads to cooling, air displacement, air vapour dilution and heat radiation attenuation, and wetting of the fuel surface.

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