Fire Protection Provider For The Pharmaceutical Industry


Fire Protection Provider For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Automatic is the trusted choice fire protection provider for the pharmaceutical and life science sector in Ireland. We have worked with some of the world’s leading brands on major projects and facility management services in this sector over the last four decades. Our reliability, professionalism, experience and expertise has ensured the development of strong, long-term relationships with our clients in the sector.

Janssen Pharmaceutical, Cork

From April 1982 to the current day, we have completed in excess of 50 individual projects on the Janssen Pharmaceutical site in Little Island, Cork. All Sprinkler Systems were designed, installed, tested and commissioned to FM Global standards and subsequently maintained for Janssen. It is a relationship that bears testimony to our commitment of consistent delivery in partnership with Janssen and the respective Design Teams involved. We are very proud that over 80% of our work in the Pharmaceutical sector is repeat business.

In 2015, Janssen presented us with a Recognition of Safety Performance Award, “in recognition of 33 years of excellent service to their facility”.

Janssen Pharmaceutical site in Little Island

Bausch & Lomb, Waterford

We have completed over ten projects on the Bausch & Lomb pharmaceutical site in Waterford. We have been associated with the site and the client, with repeat business for 30 years. Working with the Bausch & Lomb Facility Management team and FM Global, we have delivered all projects on time and within agreed budgets with the minimum of disruption to the plant operations. We continue to provide Service & Maintenance support.

Along with the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Sprinkler Systems to FM Global Standards, we have also upgraded and extended the Fire Alarm & Detection System.


Procter & Gamble / Oral-B

We are proud of our long association with Procter & Gamble/Oral-B on their various sites around Ireland.
We have completed multiple projects on the Newbridge manufacturing facility since its establishment there in 1984. The facility produces many of their iconic brands for export to the European, Middle Eastern and African regions.
All Sprinkler Systems were designed, installed and commissioned to NFPA standards. Various installations and upgrades were completed over the last 30 years, including:

  • Wet Sprinkler installations
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler systems
  • Hydraulic Oil Shutdown Sprinklers
  • Major Upgrades on existing Sprinkler systems
  • Retro-Fit Sprinkler systems in operating Manufacturing areas
  • Installation of new Water Storage Tanks and Fire Fighting Pumps

All works were successfully completed and we continue to provide Service and Maintenance support to Procter & Gamble.

Proctor & Gamble

Boston Scientific

We have completed a number of projects for Boston Scientific on their Galway facility site. Works were carried out in the re-fitting and upgrading of the existing building along with new Sprinkler installations in the new buildings.
All works were designed, installed and commissioned to FM (Factory Mutual) Design Codes and the scope included:

  • Replacing all high-level Sprinkler Heads in Mod1 Area
  • New false ceiling fit-out works throughout the entire building for Clean Rooms and Offices
  • Installation of all new Alarm Valves, Deluge Valves and Dry Pipe installations
  • Stripping out of all existing High Level protection in MOD3 and installation of new Sprinkler installation
  • Installation of new 200mm Fire Ring Mains and Valves
Boston Scientific

Becton Dickinson (BD Medical)

BD Medical is a global medical technology company. We have a long association, in excess of 10 years, with the BD Medical Facility in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.
Various projects have been completed, including:

  • Upgrading of Water Supplies with New Fire Pumps
  • Upgrading of Warehouse protection to ESFR type protection
  • New Front End Offices extension over two floors
  • New GMA Plant Room facility on the roof
  • Boiler House Upgrade
  • New Clean Room Installations
  • New Fire Pumps and associated Valves and Equipment
  • Above works incorporating new Wet and Dry Valve installations

All works were completed successfully in co-operation with the BD Plant Management Team to minimise any disruption to the Facility operations.
We continue to provide service and maintenance support to Becton & Dickinson.

Becton Dickinson (BD Medical)

Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd

Our Gas Suppression and Fire Alarm departments have completed a number of projects for Servier in their facility in Arklow, County Wicklow.
Founded in 1954, Servier is an international pharmaceutical company with headquarters in France. They opened their first manufacturing facility outside France in Arklow in 1990.
Our scope of works included:

  • A full upgrade and extension of the existing Fire Alarm system
  • Replacement of over 1,200 Fire Alarm Devices and 8 Panels in a “live” pharmaceutical environment
  • Upgrade of existing copper fire alarm network cable infrastructure to fibre
  • Design and Installation of 5 number Inergen Suppression systems to protect the LV/MV and Comms Room
Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd