Danone Nutricia

Danone is a world leader in dairy, water and baby nutrition products, with well-known brands including Actimel, Evian and Cow & Gate. We are delighted to have completed a number of Sprinkler and Fire Alarm & Detection installations for Danone over the last ten years in their various Manufacturing Facilities.

In Macroom, where they produce infant and follow-on formula, we designed, supplied and retro-fitted a Sprinkler System to FM Global standards into an existing Powder Milk Production area. Some of the works took place in High Care Hygienically Sterile areas which posed particular challenges to our installation team. All works were successfully completed to the satisfaction of Danone and FM Global.

We completed our first project on the Macroom Facility in 2011 and we have completed a number of alterations since, as extensions were built and production lines were refined. Working alongside local management, we also provide Service and Maintenance support.

In Wexford, since 2014, we have also completed a number of Sprinkler Installations along with Upgrading the Fire Alarm & Detection system. Similar to Macroom, the Wet Sprinkler system retro-fitted in an existing manufacturing facility to FM Global standards. A Pre-Action Sprinkler Protection system was installed in the High Care Hygienically Sterile area and a Gas Suppression system was installed in the electrical rooms.

We completed an upgrade and extension of the existing Fire Alarm & Detection system in 2016 and we continue to provide Service and Maintenance support. Phase 1 included the Upgrade of the Fire Alarm in the existing facility and the installation of Vesda Air Sampling systems.

We also installed over 150 number Firetrace Novec 1230 Suppression systems and 10 number Inergen Total Flooding Suppression systems. Phase 2 included the extension of Fire Alarm & Detection system to EZPK4.