Janssen Pharmaceutical, Cork

From April 1982 to the current day, we have completed in excess of 50 individual projects on the Janssen Pharmaceutical site in Little Island, Cork. All Sprinkler Systems were designed, installed, tested and commissioned to FM Global standards and subsequently maintained for Janssen. It is a relationship that bears testimony to our commitment of consistent delivery in partnership with Janssen and the respective Design Teams involved. We are very proud that over 80% of our work in the Pharmaceutical sector is repeat business.

In 2015, Janssen presented us with a Recognition of Safety Performance Award, “in recognition of 33 years of excellent service to their facility”.

Working with Horgan Lynch & Associates, DPS, the PM Group and Jacobs, along with various building contractors and often directly for the client, we have completed several projects on the site, with the minimal of disruption to the production processes and the operational activities of Janssen Pharmaceutical.

Some of the projects completed on the Janssen site are to Design, Supply, Install, Test and Commission Sprinkler Systems to FM Global Standards for:

  • Tank Farm Deluge Systems, 6 off Deluge Waterspray systems
  • Chemical & Logistic Building Wet Installation
  • Technical Services Building Wet Installation
  • Warehouse Extension Wet Installation
  • P1 & Centrifuge Dryer Project, Wet and Deluge Systems
  • Plant 1 Building Expansion, Wet and Deluge Systems
  • P2 Tank Farm & Environmental Waste Facility Dry Systems
  • Plant 3 Wet & Pre-Action and Deluge Systems, Tank and Sprinkler Pumpset
  • Cooling Towers Deluge System
  • Drumstore & Racks Dry System
  • Warehouse Wet System
  • Service & Maintenance Contracts
  • Gas Systems
Janssen Pharmaceutical site in Little Island