IG55 is a clean fire suppression agent that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless and leaves no residue.

Environmentally, IG55 brings nothing new and thus potentially damaging to the atmosphere. It comprises a pure 50:50 mixture of two gases which occur naturally, Argon and Nitrogen. What’s more, because the blended components have a density similar to air, the mixture is able to retain its concentration in the risk area for far longer than chemical alternatives.

IG55 meets important environmental criteria, with no global warming or ozone depleting potential. Because it is inert, it forms no breakdown decomposition products minimising the risk of consequential damage.

It is, in short, an acceptable alternative to HFC’s, being safe to use in occupied spaces and with the benefit of having been recognised by regulatory bodies around the world.

• Fast acting
• No environmental impact
• Low life cycle cost
• Electrically non-conductive
• Zero breakdown products
• No risk of consequential damage

• Data Centres
• Telecoms Facilities
• Archive Stores
• Laboratories /Clean Rooms
• Petrochem Facilities
• Offshore
• Gas Turbines
• Power Generation

For further information on IG55 Suppression Systems Design, Installation, Servicing or if you require a quotation or free site survey please contact the Gaseous Suppression Division.