INERGEN® is a mixture of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2. However, in the event of a fire, when INERGEN® is discharged, it mixes with the air present in the room to create a mixture that comprises of 67.3% Nitrogen, 12.5% Oxygen, 17% Argon and 3.2% Carbon Dioxide.

This discharge mixture makes INERGEN® singularly unique. No other inert gas has the unique ability to rapidly extinguish a fire yet at the same time provide a safe environment for any person within the occupied area by actually decreasing cardiac distress and maintaining arterial blood oxygenation and mental performance in low oxygen environments.

Equally important, unlike some chemical gaseous fire suppression agents, INERGEN® does not, and could never create a reaction with a fire to create extremely harmful toxic or corrosive by-products.

INERGEN has been extensively used throughout the world as a preferred gaseous fire suppression agent for over 30 years and remains the longest surviving Halon replacement on the market to date.

Cost studies have shown that INERGEN is cost competitive when compared with the most popular chemical agents on typical systems. INERGEN does not take up premium floor space as the cylinders can be placed remotely from the protected risk.

• Fast acting
• No Ozone depleting Potential (ODP)
• No Global Warming Potential (GWP)
• Low life cycle cost
• Electrically non-conductive
• No breakdown / Decomposition products
• No risk of consequential damage
• Great Holding time characteristics
• Minimum downtime in the event of a gas discharge ( 24-48 hrs)

• Data Centres
• Telecoms facilities
• Archive stores
• Laboratories /Clean Rooms
• Petrochem facilities
• Offshore
• Gas turbines
• Power generation

For further information on INERGEN Suppression Systems Design/Installation/Servicing or if you require a quotation or free site survey please contact any of the Gaseous Suppression Division.